A law office is a people business and our success is based entirely on the quality of the individuals that work and practice here.


Each of our lawyers is academically talented but alongside technical legal expertise we place an emphasis on developing commercial and industry understanding. Each of us is locally qualified but we also all have an international outlook – we speak Portuguese, English and probably another language as well. You’ll find a little more about each of us here.



Fátima Freitas

Anabela Silva

Jayr Fernandes

Vanessa Silva

Chindalena Lourenço

Idalett Sousa
Elieser Corte Real



Marcos Massungo

Adail Cardoso

Luís Silva

Elieser Corte Real

Miraldina Carvalho Ribeira

Edson Kaley

Henrique Neto

Saydi da Mata

Silvia Lourenço

Hermen Barradas

Ariana Silva

Aline Santos

Joana Pacheco

Luís Borba Rodrigues

João Verne Oliveira

Ana Roque

Marlene Corte Real

Tânia Giovetty Vieira

Telma Vicente

Yaeli Oliveira

Artur Carrazedo

Márcia Estima

Mónica Saweka

Yolanda Santos

Paulina Nganacassa

Paulina Freitas

Carlos Gabriel

Saidy dos Santos

Cristiana Vemba
Reinaldo Ferreira
Irina Salvaterra